We are expanding our business and residential coverage.


Forget what you think you know about fast Internet.

There’s fast, and then there’s Beehive Broadband fast. Beehive Broadband fiber is the next generation of speed, with residential packages up to 1 Gbps, and business packages up to 10 Gbps. Leave your other Internet service provider in the dust, and experience for yourself the difference a dedicated fiber connection from Beehive Broadband makes.


A dedicated connection means your bandwidth is yours and yours alone – no slowdown during peak times, and no sharing bandwidth with your neighbors! A fiber connection from Beehive Broadband is up to 100x faster than competitors!



Today’s homeowners are using technologies that require more and more bandwidth. Beehive’s network upgrades and expansion employ the latest in high speed technologies, ensuring that customers have plenty of bandwidth today and in the future. With fiber at the core of our network, our potential is limitless.


Because fiber is made of glass and protected by layers of insulation and armor, it is not affected by weather conditions that affect other technologies, such as fade or static due to rain, or electrical damage from lightning. Redundancy in the network core protects critical infrastructure against cable cuts and certain equipment failures.

Network Coverage

In cooperation with select partners, Beehive Broadband’s optical transport capabilities cover all major areas of the state. Ethernet bandwidth availability ranges from 10M to 10G, with optical wavelength services available across the core.

Beehive interconnects with most major carriers at data centers throughout Salt Lake City, increasing the likelihood that we can connect you to the interstate carrier of your choice.

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