BEEtv – March 2017 Update

Bryan Scott, CTO of Beehive Broadband Published 3/14/17 *** TL;DR *** During troubleshooting and maintenance these last few days, multiple causes for failed recordings (poor quality or non-existent) were identified and fixes have been implemented. We expect recordings made anytime after 8:00 a.m. today to work normally. ************* Thank You & Our Apologies As BEEtv and its features are discovered by more of our customers, its popularity (and subsequent workload) has grown. While that growth is great (and we are excited to see it), it has brought along with it some growing pains. Some of our customers have experienced more of the “pain” than others, and we apologize profusely for that. I am very appreciative of those who have given us up-to-the-minute feedback as problems or inconsistencies arise, because we can’t account and test for every possible situation or scenario, and not all customers or employees experience the same symptoms at the same time (or at all). New Features: Enhanced Pause/Rewind; Web version We recently added capacity to our pause and rewind capabilities. Initially you were limited to 3-5 minutes worth of pause or rewind. That has since been increased to a test value of 40 minutes. That means you can pause for that snack break, or rewind up to 40 minutes back. The rewind window is there for all channels, all the time. We hope you like it. In addition to support for Apple TV and iOS devices, customers can browse their BEEtv library by going to (we’re still adding features to it). It is much easier to manage your shows and search for new programs to record, and is supported on Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox on Mac and Windows. (It should also work in Microsoft’s Edge browser on Windows 10.) Playback Quality Issues Prior to February, some customers had reported problems with video freezing on occasion. During the Super Bowl, we found one of the causes was a crazy workload on the servers at the top and bottom of each hour, when all the devices were trying to get TV guide updates. The loading issue was resolved and the evening stuttering and freezing went away. The rest of February (and so far March) have been a mixed bag:
  • – One of our recording storage arrays failed earlier in the month, causing sporadic interruptions in service over the course of four days. It has been fixed and is performing as expected.
  • – A couple of planned overnight maintenance jobs on our network backbone in mid February inadvertently caused issues in our data center, interrupting TV service for some customers until the appropriate systems were reset.
  • – At this time of year (lasting for about two weeks), the sun’s path follows the satellite belt and blinds satellite receivers for a few minutes at a time between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. causing a disruption of satellite-based feeds. We are on the tail end of that cycle now.
  • – On March 8th, a few days after adding the support for more pause/rewind time, we detected a massive channel failure and reset. Unbeknownst to us, the reset had disabled several other processes on one of our servers, including the scheduling service that is responsible for starting and pruning recordings. You will see few, if any, recordings on the 9th or 10th.
  With scheduling (and everything else) fixed a couple days ago, customers were still reporting mixed results on recordings scheduled between the 10th and 13th, including a lot more noticeable (and unrecoverable) corruption. As mentioned above, we believe the worst of the recording problems have been fixed. Again, thank you for your patience, for your feedback, and most of all for being with Beehive Broadband. We are anxious to get to the next round of features and updates for BEEtv. This summer has a lot in store. – Bryan