Programs like Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix are fantastic. Their convenience and abundance of
options are wonderful. However, when it comes to the newest episodes of “The Bachelor”, “This
Is Us” or “The Good Place,” if you don’t have an actual tv connection it can mean waiting days,
sometimes even months, to get caught up, all while avidly trying to avoid spoilers. No one likes
spoilers. This is where BEEtv comes to the rescue.

The Basics of BEEtv

BEEtv is a game-changer for television. It allows you to watch all your favorite channels all the
time. It works by transmitting through your fiber optic cable connection and is delivered to an
app in the Apple TV set-top box, along with other network-enabled devices. Catch your favorite
shows in real-time, or record up to 120 hours worth of programming that you can watch later
through BEEtv’s Cloud DVR service. Stay caught up on all your favorite shows with ease.

Time to Tune In

Cable and Satellite providers offer tons of channels for their viewers’ convenience, and BEEtv is
right up there with them. With multiple package options to choose from, each with a great
line-up of channels for your viewing pleasure, find your ideal channel package that includes all
the shows you love, including your guilty pleasures. It’s OK, we won’t tell everyone that you
watch Daniel Tiger without your kids. That will be our little secret.

Of course, BEEtv also offers premium channels where you can watch newly-released movies or
classic favorites.


You may be asking yourself, “Well, what if I don’t have an Apple TV box top set?” That’s OK, if
you don’t already have one and don’t want to buy one, you can rent one through Beehive
Broadband to go with your BEEtv channel package. Once you’ve supplied your Apple TV
set-top box, connect it to your television with an HDMI cord (cord not included), configure it to
your Apple ID, and download the BEEtv app. Bam! You’re all ready to go. If you have more than
one Apple TV set-top box, the same Apple ID can be used for each of them. Download the app
on your phone and stream Disney Channel for your kids on-the-go.

BEEtv is ready to bring you the best TV watching experience no matter where you are. Check your address to see if
BEEtv is available in your area.