Internet Service Providers in Utah for Government Entities

Salt Lake City, Utah

We have worked closely with Salt Lake City on multiple projects. Initially, we were contacted by a network engineer with the Salt Lake City Corporation, with a request to assist with getting connectivity up Parley’s Canyon to Mountain Dell Golf Course. We were able to use our relationship with UDOT, and our expertise as wireless service providers, to design and construct a path to provide the requested connectivity.

The city was very pleased with the process and level of service, and has since approached Beehive Broadband with a list of additional projects. We won and accepted several of these contracts, including providing connectivity to multiple Public Safety offices, and the newly built Regional Athletic Complex.

We’ve partnered with the Utah Technology Council as one of their newest members and look forward to expanding our network throughout the state as internet service providers in Utah. This partnership is in line with our company goals of encouraging an environment of innovation within the communities we serve. In fact, we often create custom solutions for our customers to ensure they get exactly what they need. We believe there is no limit to what your business can do with fast and reliable connectivity and exceptional service.

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Learn more about our custom business and enterprise solutions, and find out why so many government entities are turning to us for wireless internet services. As internet service providers in Utah, we offer exceptional connectivity, no data caps, and optical transport capabilities all over the state. Sign up for services here, or contact us today for more information.