Beehive Broadband – Utah Broadband for Healthcare

Mountain West Regional Medical Center

Toole, Utah

Within the healthcare industry, reliable connectivity is vital to the care of patients and essential for sharing information among medical personnel. This is particularly true of rural community hospitals, such as Mountain West Regional Medical Center.

In providing the facility with connectivity, there were many stringent rules that had to be adhered to as we engineered the build-out. Creating the relationship with Marc Taylor, Information Services Director at Mountain West Regional Medical Center, has not only allowed us to provide connectivity to the hospital, but also design and implement a small private network for the hospital to utilize between various medical practitioners within the county and Salt Lake City.

Utah Broadband Providers

We provide Utah broadband services and networking to large companies, businesses, and organizations of all kinds, including hospitals and healthcare facilities. We strive to meet each network’s unique needs, and implement innovative customized strategies to accomplish these goals. We understand that you need a Tooele internet provider with the connection power you can depend on when you need it most, and with Beehive Broadband, there are no connection limits for what you or your business can achieve.

Beehive Broadband is 100x faster than competing Tooele internet providers. We partner with major carriers at data centers throughout Salt Lake City, increasing the likelihood that we can connect your healthcare facility with the Utah broadband carrier of your choice. We also collaborate with select partners for optical transport capabilities all over the state.

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