Beehive Broadband Announces Speed Increase for Fiber Customers

Beehive Broadband Announces Speed Increase for Fiber Customers

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- 03-03-2014 – Days after the announcement that Google Fiber is considering launching their product in Salt Lake City, local fiber internet service provider Beehive Broadband unveiled their new package offerings that will rival similar plans offered by Google Fiber.

“We may not have the following that a company like Google has,” said Beehive Broadband General Manager, Scott Wilson, “but we have the exact same technology, and have been offering the same speeds Google is now promising since 2009. We put our first fiber in the ground in 1990 to serve the community of Grouse Creek, and have been expanding ever since. “

The speed increase will take effect March 3rd, 2014, raising all current residential customers on the 20 Mbps plan to 100 Mbps and all current residential customers on the 50 Mbps plan to 1 GB—all at no additional charge.

“We are constantly evaluating our business model to ensure our customers are receiving the best technology we have available, at a price that is affordable and competitive,” explained Wilson. “We feel the speed increase helps facilitate that goal.”

Additional services offered via Beehive Broadband fiber may be viewed on their website at, and include Digital Voice telephone and their own high definition television service (iPTV), BEEtv.

“At Beehive Broadband we are completely vertically integrated on all our products,” Wilson stated. “This means we do not simply resell services like a TV feed that is imported from out-of-state. We have built, we own and we control 100% of our network operations center and television head end. We may be a small company, but we provide what many larger companies cannot.”

For additional information, please contact Amber Brown at 800.615.8021.


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August 13, 2015

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