Meet the New BEEHIVE BEEtv

BEEHIVE BEEtv from Beehive Broadband is the future of television entertainment. BEEHIVE BEEtv is the latest type of TV provider and a game-changer for high-definition television.

With BEEHIVE BEEtv, enjoy access to all your favorite channels on any compatible streaming platform. Add a channel package to your account and watch television on any compatible streaming device. Simply download the BEEHIVE BEEtv app after you’ve updated your plan. See your favorite shows as they air live or use the app’s cloud storage to DVR episodes and then watch later. It’s the perfect addition to accompany your Beehive Broadband fiber internet.

Don’t have Beehive Broadband’s fiber-optic internet? Check to see if Beehive Broadband is available in your area.

See the Channel line-up, Packages & Pricing:

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Questions about BEEHIVE BEEtv? See our FAQs below, or contact a Beehive Broadband Connection Specialist at 800-615-8021.

Stream Online

Once you’ve signed up for the new Beehive BEEtv service, visit to stream online.

Watch TV Everywhere

WTVE is an add-on option Beehive Broadband provides for free when you sign-up for BEEHIVE BEEtv. To register you will need your Beehive account number and the last name on your account. Go to the wTVE site to create an account and register your username and password. After you’ve made your account you will be able to use channel-specific apps you’ve downloaded, as long as it is a channel included in your programming package. You will select Beehive Broadband from the list of providers when you log in to those apps.

Compatible Devices

Most devices that allow you to download apps are compatible with BEEHIVE BEEtv. This includes iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick, and KAON Box. You can also get voice support for the apps through Google Home-enabled devices. See the chart below for more information:

Device Type Device Name

ApplePhone & tablet

iPhone (iOS 12+):

  • SE (gen 1-2)
  • 6S, 6S+
  • 7, 7+
  • 8, 8+
  • XR, X, XS, XS Max
  • 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPad (iOS 12 – iPadOS 13+):

  • iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Gen 5
  • iPad Pro 9.7″,10.5″, 11″ (gen 1-2), 12.9″ (gen 1-2)

AndroidPhone & tablet

Various (Android 8+)


  • Pixel 3, 3XL, 3A, 3AXL, 4, 4XL
  • Pixel Slate


  • Galaxy S9, S9+, S10E, S10, S10+
  • Note 9, 10, 10+
  • Fold
  • Tab 5SE, S6


  • 6T, 7T, 7 Pro, 8, 8 Pro


  • K30, K40, G8, G8X, Q7 Plus

TVStreaming stick

Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS 5+)

  • Fire TV Stick Gen 2 (2016), Basic Edition (2017), Fire TV Stick 4K (2018)

TVRetail Streaming set-top-box

Apple (OS 12+)

  • Apple TV (A1625), Apple TV 4K (A1842)
  • Planned to support in 2020 – Apple TV (T1125)

Android (OS 8+)

  • nVidia
  • Shield TV (2017, 2019)
  • Shield TV Pro (2017, 2019)
  • Xiaomi
  • Mi Box, Mi Box S 4K HDR

Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS 5+)

  • Fire TV Gen 3, pendant (2017)
  • Fire TV Cube (Gen 1, Gen 2)

TVOperator Tier Streaming set-top-box

Android (OS 8+)

  • KAON KSTB2020
  • ARRIS VIP6102W


Amazon Fire TV

  • Amazon Fire TV Remote: 165

TVSmart Soundbar

Supported but not tested:

Amazon Fire TV (OS 6+)

  • Fire TV Edition Anker Nebula D3000

Android TV (OS 9+)

  • JBL Link Bar

Web Browser


  • Chrome (Win 49+, OS X 55+)


  • Firefox (47+)


  • Edge (13+)
  • IE (11+ on Windows 8.1+)


  • Safari (8+ on Mac OS X 10.11+)


What channels are available on BEEtv?

BEEHIVE BEEtv offers up to 176 channels for your viewing pleasure. Review our channel lineup for all our offerings.

Do I need an Apple TV set-top box for each TV?

An Apple TV set-top box is no longer required as other devices are now compatible with the BEEHIVE BEEtv app. However, an Apple TV set-box may still be used for you to access your BEEHIVE BEEtv app. You will need a compatible device for each TV you plan to use BEEHIVE BEEtv with.

Can I get an Apple TV set-top box from Beehive Broadband?

With our updated BEEHIVE BEEtv app, you no longer have to use an Apple TV set-top box to access BEEtv, as a result, Beehive Broadband no longer rents the device. If you would like an Apple TV set-top box you can purchase one at many major retailers. Beehive Broadband does keep a small number of traditional STB devices for sale. Now, you have the flexibility of choosing which compatible device you want to use. For more information about compatible devices check the Compatible Devices section above.

Can I set up Parental Controls?

Yes, you can. Parental controls follow similar restrictions set up on your TV and streaming devices. You can update these controls in your device’s settings. Each device is a little different, but you can set up your pin in settings usually under a parental control tab. You will need a pin to access anything with the parental guidance rating of TV-MA, R, NC-17 or NR no matter what settings you have specified. When parental controls are enabled they take effect on all devices associated with your account.

How do I add premium channels or change my programming package?

Please contact us at our main office during regular business hours Monday-Friday by calling 800-615-8021 or emailing us at [email protected] to make any updates to your programming package or account.

Can I set up recordings when I am not home?

You can use any supported device with the BEEHIVE BEEtv app to schedule recordings.

What things should I look for if my TV is not working the way it should?

There are a couple of steps you can take to troubleshoot what is happening. First, try force closing the app and then reopening it. Different devices have different ways of doing this. Please refer to the vendor documentation for the device you are using to learn how to force close apps if you are unsure how to do so.

Next, you can try troubleshooting your device by unplugging it from power for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

If you continue to experience technical issues, please contact our customer support team at 800-615-8021. They will ask you some quick questions, such as:

  • What are you seeing on the screen?
  • Are other installed apps (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes) working properly?
  • Are all of your Smart TVs in the house working as expected?
  • Did anything change in the streaming device’s environment (cables moved, TV moved, new router)?

Please be near the TV or streaming device ready to troubleshoot with the technician when you call.

Do I have to have Beehive Broadband Internet to get BEEHIVE BEEtv?

Yes, to be eligible for BEEHIVE BEEtv you need to have a fiber-optic internet plan through Beehive Broadband.

How many devices can I watch TV on at the same time?

The standard BEEHIVE BEEtv package comes with 3 concurrent streams. There is an option to upgrade to 5 and 10 concurrent streams.

How many DVR hours are available?

The standard BEEHIVE BEEtv package comes with 100 DVR Hours. There is an option to upgrade to 300 or 500 hours.

What is Watch TV Everywhere (wTVE)?

Watch TV Everywhere (wTVE) is an add-on we offer that provides additional content from your favorite channels through individual channel apps like Watch ESPN and ABCgo at no additional cost.

How do I set up my profile and parental controls once I am in the new BEEHIVE BEEtv app?

After you’ve logged into your account on the app, the menu bar will show the following options: Home, Guide, Shows, Movies, Profile Icon and Search. Click the Profile icon to navigate to the screen where you can view your DVR recordings. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner. It will bring up the menu where you can set up parental controls, manager profiles, request help, view legal information and sign out of your BEEHIVE BEEtv account when you’re done.