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Fiber FAQ

What are Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics are thin strands of very pure glass about the diameter of a human hair. They are arranged in bundles called fiber optic cables. They use light instead of electricity to carry a signal.

What is Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)?

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is the installation and use of fiber optical cable directly to your home (or business).

Why is FTTH important to me?

Fiber technology is unique because it can carry virtually unlimited amounts of information over extreme distances. There is no known upper limit. Copper wire data rates are limited to a very miniscule fraction of what fiber can do and even then only for a few thousand yards; after which the data rate dramatically slows and eventually ceases to function as you extend the distance.

Connecting homes with fiber optic cables instead of copper and coaxial cables enables homes to receive the full spectrum of the world of data–information, communication and entertainment without limits.

What are the advantages of a dedicated fiber connection?

Greater Capacity: Today’s homeowners are using technologies that require more and more bandwidth. Fiber optics is the only medium that can supply the current and continually growing bandwidth demand.
Greater Reliability: Because fiber is made of glass, it is not affected by certain weather conditions, such as lightning. It does not degrade due to weathering, and because the network is underground, it is immune to storms, fires and pole damage.
Cost Effective: Extreme speed allows a more cost-effective method to transmit large amounts of data to everyone’s homes. This eliminates delay for file transfer, web pages to load, videos to stream. It provides what you need when you need it, without the expense of waiting.
Future-Proof: Once installed, upgrades, if ever needed, are only involving the electronics at the end and not replacing the cable itself. That’s why fiber networks are said to be “future-proof.”

This means more bandwidth than ever before, phone service with more features and benefits than ever before, and television with better picture quality. TV images are not compressed as they are with satellite and cable providers, so the quality is as high as the broadcasters choose to deliver. Moreover, there are no antennas that will collect snow and cause outages. Nothing to visually clutter your rooftop, no overhead wires across your property.

Will getting a dedicated fiber connection destroy my yard?

We will make all efforts to minimize any disturbances of your property. By using directional boring methods we keep most of the construction totally underground without disturbing the surface. Some surface disturbance will be needed to bring the cable out of the ground. We don’t stop any necessary restoration until you are happy. Our goal is to leave your yard and landscaping equal to or better than before we came.

Will installing fiber make my home more valuable?

Absolutely. A dedicated fiber connection is considered an upgrade to the property. In some cases, it is the most valued utility connection.  Market Researchers at the Fiber-to-the-Home Council estimated that a fiber connection can add up to $5,000 to your home value.

Why do I need a battery in my home?

Unlike old copper wire-based technology, the fiber network does not power itself. The only signal in the fiber cable from the central office to your home is light. So, the electronics need a battery to keep them alive during power outages.

How long will the battery last if the power goes out in my home?

Under continous use, the battery will last 8 hours or longer. Once the power is back on it will recharge itself.

Can I choose not to have a battery?

The optical device on the outisde of your home is connected to a power supply we put inside your home. That power supply has the battery built-in. It’s not an optional part.

Your service isn't currently available in my area. When will it be available?

We are constantly working on expanding our network.  In order for us to bring our service to an area, we require a 40% take rate.  This means that 40% of the residents in that particular neighborhood must express interest in obtaining our service.  There is no pre-payment or contact required, simply add your address to our map.  Once we reach that 40% threshold, the neighborhood becomes an actionable project and we may begin the planning and permitting phase.


What is BEEtv?

BEEtv is the future of television entertainment, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite channels, all the time. Transmitted over your fiber connection, programming is delivered via an app available on the Apple TV set top box and other network enabled devices. The BEEtv app allows consumers to watch live TV, or record up to 120 hours of programming and playback using our Cloud DVR service.

How much storage does the Apple TV have?

The Apple TV set top boxes rented from Beehive Broadband are 32GB. The set top boxes are completely customizable, and may be used to download your own apps such as Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, and games, in addition to the BEEtv app itself. If you would like additional storage for more apps, you may purchase a 64GB Apple TV from any major retailer that carries Apple products.

What channels are available on BEEtv?

BEEtv carries the same channels and programming you would find from most major cable and satellite providers. Check out our Channel Line Up.

Do I need an Apple TV set top box for each TV?

Yes. The app may also be accessed on any mobile device or tablet where the app is installed that has a network connection.

Do I need to have the Apple TV hardwired for it to work?

No, the Apple TV set top box also has Wi-Fi capability, but we recommend having each set top box hardwired to avoid any potential issues with wireless signal.

Can I set up Parental Controls?

Yes. Parental controls follow the Restrictions set on the Apple TV for TV and movie ratings. These are set in Settings>Restrictions. Note that for live TV, if you set restrictions to TV-PG or PG (for example), and start watching a show with an unrestricted rating, when the next show comes on and if the next show’s rating is higher than your set restrictions, the player doesn’t know that the rating has changed, and it will not prompt you for a PIN.

How do I add premium channels or change my programming package?

To make changes to your selected programming, contact our main office either by phone at 800.615.8021 or email at [email protected]

How long will the battery in the remote last before needing to be charged?

The Siri Remote battery is described as providing months of use on one charge with typical daily usage. The Apple TV will warn you that the Siri Remote is low and needs to be charged using the supplied USB-lightning cable. It can be charged off any computer USB port or standard USB charger.

What happens if I lose/break the remote?

The remotes cost $90 to replace, and may be purchased directly through any major retailer that offers Apple products.

Can I set up recordings when I am not home?

Yes, you may schedule recordings from any device that has the BEEtv app installed.

What things should I look for if my TV is not working the way it should?

If you are experiencing issues, please contact our customer support team at 800.615.8021.

They will ask you some quick questions, such as:

  • What are you seeing on the screen?
  • How is the Apple TV connected (wireless or wired)?
  • Are the other apps (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes) working, or other Apple TV’s in the house working?
  • Did anything change in the Apple TV’s environment (cables moved, Apple TV moved, new router)?

Please be near the TV, ready to troubleshoot with the technician when you call.

What is Watch TV Everywhere?

Many of our TV networks offer their content live and on demand via their own apps and websites. Watch TV Everywhere, which is included at no additional cost, allows you to view this content for free, just for being a Beehive Broadband customer!

To participate follow these steps:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Select Beehive Broadband as your provider
  3. Click on ‘Register’.
  4. Enter the Account Holder name and account number* provided to you when you signed up for BEEtv.

*If you didn’t receive this information, or have misplaced it, please contact customer service at 800.615.8021.